Synopsis of Ministry-Led  Venture and PGO完美禮物私人機構事工概要


Aleph Tav in Ancient Hebrew Purpose Modern-Hebrew from Right to Left

Creation of Venture

The purpose of the operating Ministry of (PGO)‚ in part‚ is to model the Righteousness of YAHUWAH through a Ministry–Led Business Venture built on Biblically mandated scriptural principles that teach PGO Member participants how to apply His righteous laws so as to realize and enjoy real prosperity in real terms without sorrow [Prov 10:22]. Real prosperity is where the spirit and soul of the PGO Member prosper and advance into the Light of YAHUWAH inwardly‚ as well as materially (financially) outwardly.

Light of YAHUWAH or Darkness of Satan . . . Man’s Choice

All persons are born with YAHUWAH’S Light [John 1:4‚ 9]‚ but not all persons prosper. Why? The short answer is because of man’s respective love of darkness and sin more than the love of YAHUWAH’S Aloahiym’s Light [John 3: 19–21; 8:34]. While some parties who are wicked appear to prosper‚ it is short lived; a delusion wherein they are ultimately judged to spend eternity in hell [Psalm 1:6; 37:10; Jer 23:19; 2 Thes 2:8; Rev 21:8; others].

Moreover‚ each and every living soul alive today is just one breath and one heartbeat away from all of eternity . . . and on the whole‚ not one man knows when that last breath and heartbeat is to occur. This is a sobering reality in light of the actions of ordinary citizens in everyday society worldwide‚ and the growing number of terrorist attacks‚ blatant indisputable violence‚ various forms of political and social corruption‚ and the sheer magnitude of financial manipulation and extortion by governments‚ militaries‚ the various court systems and respective sitting judges‚ single individuals and small businesses‚ hostile spouses and/or former spouses‚ and small and mega-corporations alike worldwide‚ in an effort to attain increased power and influence over their respective populations‚ affected persons as well as masses of other peoples in total disregard and rejection of YAHUWAH’S Righteous Laws.

This is sin . . . pure and simple . . . the evil conduct of men and women with the appearance of power and influence but sold out to Satan [See 2 Cor 4:18; 2 Thes 2: 10-12]; and an abomination before the Almighty Sovereign One‚ YAHUWAH Aloahiym. Aloahiym knows who they are‚ and His judgment is coming to the individuals and various parties that participate in this sin . . . Corporate Executives‚ Government Leaders and Politicians‚ Individual Practitioners‚ and any and all others who knowingly cooperate and are a part of such evil acts and methods‚ no matter how they justify themselves in perpetuating the sin. Those who sin become servants of sin [John 8:34]‚ and the wages of sin is death [Rom 6:23]. Such rampant disregard for YAHUWAH and His Torah is but one reason for the unparalleled increase in violence and social unrest in cities on a global scale. The various governmental leaders worldwide will be held accountable as to how they lead their nations . . . albeit‚ either Righteously or unrighteously according to YAHUWAH’S standards [Rom 13:1-2].

For many people‚ sin is entertained‚ justified‚ and condoned by virtue of money and financial matters and the appearance of power that comes with money‚ particularly in mass quantities. This is readily evident throughout history‚ and certainly in today’s societies around the globe; i.e.‚ Greece‚ Venezuela‚ Turkey‚ and other countries. While pride is the root of all sin‚ and central to money matters concerning sin‚ sin can and does infect an entire society much like cancer. Eventually‚ unless corrected‚ that society is wiped off the map through judgment. This is an express result of a society living outside the Torah‚ handed down to Moses in the Scriptures‚ with the Messiah demanding the same recognition in the Renewed Covenant. (See: So . . . What of Sin‚ and what of the Righteousness of Aloahiym‚

The additional supply of money or other resources alone in any quantity isn’t going to change the tolerance of sin in men’s hearts. However‚ when men’s hearts are turned to Righteousness of YAHUWAH‚ then the need for money and other resources is answered according to the Word of Aloahiym [Phil 4:19].

Hence‚ this Ministry–Led Business Venture was given birth. The Venture has been designed to bring forth financial resources as a direct result of the application and display of YAHUWAH’S Righteousness (Light).

Ministry–Led Venture as a Tool

The Ministry uses the Venture as a tool to bring people to the knowledge and understanding of Who YAHUWAH Aloahiym is as our Creator Father in them and Who He is in all of Creation; and Yahushua‚ His Messiah‚ who died for our sins setting man free; that is‚ those who accept Yahushua as the Messiah for Who He is and What He is in men’s respective lives.

YAHUWAH Aloahiym is the acknowledged and recognized head of the Venture‚ from Whom “every good and perfect gift comes down (from the Father of lights) in Whom there is neither variableness nor shadow of turning” [James 1:17]; that is‚ there is NO mixture or compromise of darkness in and/or with His Light [1 John 1–5]. As a result‚ religion in any form has no bearing whatsoever on moving in the purity of His Light.

Since every person is faced with the decision of how to live their lives‚ the Venture strives to place the question front and center before the eyes of the potential PGO Members and their respective families. Each and every person is given the opportunity for financial freedom without coercion or manipulation‚ and without increasing their liability exposure to oppressive debt and obligation within the purview of the PGO Program.

By Scriptural mandate‚ the laws of YAHUWAH Aloahiym are upheld and enforced through His tangibly operating Righteous constitutional government in the United States‚ the indisputable safest haven for the wealth of the world. The message of YAHUWAH’S Word and Righteous governmental order constitutes PGO’s Prime Directive.

Private Member Organization is Private Member Organization‚ open to all persons regardless of religious or cultural background. The only limitation is where such Membership would violate US law in connection with terrorist actions‚ money laundering‚ or any other criminal acts‚ directly or indirectly‚ pursuant to US law and/or where there is legal or other conflict pursuant to personal or corporate acts of Unrighteousness according to YAHUWAH’S laws. PGO reserves the right to deny Membership to anyone‚ in its sole discretion.

The cost of PGO Membership per person is limited to $100 USD per year. PGO does not and will not participate in any kickbacks‚ payments‚ referral fees‚ or such other remuneration from any of its affiliated companies. PGO’s sole income is limited to revenues pursuant to the sale of Memberships enrollments.

Without repentance‚ there is NO salvation. Without salvation‚ there is N0 eternal life. Without eternal life‚ there is NO life . . . only darkness [Hos 4:6]. Salvation can only come by acceptance of what the Messiah Yahushua did for man by dying on the execution stake for man’s sins‚ and then resurrecting to the throne of Aloahiym. [John 3:16]. Those individuals who accept this reality live; those who do not are dead where they stand‚ breathing or not [John 3:18].

Man Child Financial Trust (MCFT)

The Man Child Financial Trust (MCFT) is an affiliate of PGO. Pursuant to its respective funding‚ the MCFT provides resources to approved Missionary causes and Charitable organizations. Funding for the MCFT does NOT come from active PGO Members‚ nor does MCFT solicit funds from any particular donor‚ but is funded pursuant to operations of the PBF.

Perfect Gift Ambassadors (PGA)

Perfect Gift Ambassadors (PGA) carries this message of YAHUWAH’S sovereign authority to Members of PGO by enabling them to participate in the PGO activities. PGA participants take ownership of the PGO vision of attaining significant wealth coupled with deliverance from the bondage of debt‚ and come into the scriptural mandate of Deut 8:18. The practice and enforcement of YAHUWAH’S laws guarantee prosperity. Prosperity is not just financially and materially‚ but literally in all aspects of one’s life‚ with the shalom of Aloahiym providing YAHUWAH’S witness to the respective individual PGO Member. 

It Is All About The Covenant With YAHUWAH ALOAHIYM Through YAHUSHUA The MESSIAH


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