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Aleph Tau in Ancient Hebrew Purpose Modern-Hebrew from Right to Left


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7:00AM Asia Time Zone /Every Saturday Morning

4.00 PM  USA Pacific Time Zone/ Every Fridayday Afternoon 美西岸时区 每周5 下午 4.00PM 开场:

中国区以外的家人,想参加当地每周星期 6安息日聚会的可直接到YOU tube 帐号参与: YahArise.com

The Service and Time Schedule shall be:

 1.预备心音乐敬拜时间 (诗歌 视频)(7:00上午-7:50AM

(Music Only, quiet our inner Spirits; Time alone with Yahushua Our MessiYah)

2.吹号角回应主的呼召(视频) (7 :50-:755

(Shofar high calling for us to response in prayers in

 Ruach Ha Qodesh)

3.得胜者的宣告+吹号角回应主的呼召( 视频 ) (7:55-8:00AM

Overcomer's Declaration

4.歌唱宣扬YâHuWaH【雅吾瓦】的圣名(中文 视频 ) (8:05-8:10

(Baruch Ha’Ba Shem YâHuWaH - Praise YAH together)

5.歌颂祷告(希伯来语)"主祷文"(诗歌 视频 ) (8:10-8:20

(Worship Avinu Our Father together in singing)

6.宣告创造主给我们"安息日"的约定/"安息日"是 雅吾瓦】与我们立约的盖章 Exo 20:8,结Eze 20:19-20( 视频) (8:20-8:30

(Declaring that Shabbat is the SEAL of the Covenant for us given by our Creator Aloahyim)       

7.全体朗读特选经文(中英文同时进行)( 视频) (8:30-8:40

(赛Isa 58:13-14,民Num 6:24-26,申Deu 6:4 -9

(Declaring Scriptures/living Words of YâHuWaH into our lives)

8.宣告与代祷时刻 (Isa 54:17 (视频)(8:40-8:50

Scripture Declaration end here: Prayer & Intercession

9伦大祭司的祝福祷文(诗歌视频) (8:50-9:00

(Aaronic Priestly Prayer to all household assembling in the present of our Aloahyim YâHuWaH) 

10.中英文信息分享 (一小时)(9:00-10:00

Weekly Scriptures Learning and Sharing in English/Chinese

11.诗歌祝祷"祝愿你 安"安息日聚会暂时休息

(Shabbat Service Ending with song: Shalom Sojourner) (诗歌视频)(10:00-10:10

12.离席,休息,另一时段交通, 分享,见证,团契 (10:10-11:10(Rest, Fellowship, Sharing and Testimonies, special  prayer requests or even Teaching Time!) 09:10-10:10


Afternoon Section (Video with Messages and Sharing




He whole Torah is condensed into these chapters.  These woRds were spoken near the very place where Yahushua was baptized, and where John the Immerser said:

 "Behold the Lamb of Elohim, who takes away the sin of the world”.  The book of Deuteronomy was spoken by Moses in the "Plains of Moab”, between Mt. Nebo and Jericho, at the place where Joshua led the Hebrews across into the "Promised Land”, where Elijah sat by the Brook Cherith and later where he went up to heaven in a whirlwind.  In John 1:28, this place is named "Bethabara” – "Bethany beyond Jordan”. 

Let me share with you a revelation that the Father gave me this morning in August of 2003, as I was seeking Him, on His day with His Bride.  This morning I woke up with these words in my spirit: 

"You shall bear no burden on the Shabbat”. 

I had been mentally wrestling all night with things that were burdening me, from my health, to finances, to grief over those who refuse to seek truth, to family problems.  When I awoke, He spoke those words to me.  Shabbat is the day in which the Bridegroom Yahushua meets with His Bride, and courts her.  He speaks more on Shabbat than on any other day, because she has 24 hours to do nothing but give her attention to Him, from Friday night at sundown until Saturday night at sundown.  I, personally, am sad at sundown on Saturday, because my days with Him are so sweet. 

Hebrew tradition is nice--with the candle lighting, the wine and bread, and the ceremony that involves the whole family.  But, it is tradition, and not the Word of AloAhiYm.  Many people enjoy the Friday night tradition, but fail to keep Father’s two simple rules for setting apart Shabbat His way. 

 He tells us 1) to do no work on Shabbat and not to make anyone else work for us, even animals,

and 2) not to buy or sell on Shabbat, for that is doing business and causing someone else to work. 

Why keep Jewish/HEBREW tradition, and then loose fellowship with Father and the sweetness of the day with Yahushua? 

We are to be a set-apart people unto Him.  Shabbat is the set-apart sign of His marriage Covenant with His people!! Our minds and emotions are also to rest on this day! 

There are several hundred verses that teach us about Shabbat in the Scriptures.  These are just a few:  Exodus 31:12-18; Isaiah 56; Ezekiel 20:19-23; and Nehemiah 13:15-22.

Shabbat is the day that Yahushua the Bridegroom courts His Bridal remnant, and speaks sweetly to her, revealing His heart to her, and telling her His secrets.  It is a day of intimacy with Him, to be kept in peace, quiet, set-apartness, love, joy and rest. It is a day to study the Word with Him, and let Him speak to us and show us things to come.  It is a day in which we prepare for our marriage to Him!!  It is a special intimate day in which we get to know our Bridegroom better, and He gets to know us better.  It is a day in which we yield to Him, and do not do anything on our own agenda!!

What a privilege!!  We get to have a day a week alone just us and the creator of the universe!!   And, yet most people who say they believe in Him waste the day in disobedient rebellion against His Word, against His eternal sign of our set-apartness to Him.  They do the laundry, clean house, go shopping, mow the yard, repair the car, paint the house, see a movie, go to a soccer game, or the race track, yet plan on spending eternity with the "Almighty Creator” they don’t know.

My friend John once said: "When you kneel tonight to pray, the One who hears you is a Rabbi…”  Yes, He is a Jewish/Hebrew Rabbi, Rav Yahushua.  Do you know your Jewish/Hebrew Bridegroom?

Reading the Torah portion is a good place to start Shabbat.  The Word is a healer to the body, soul and spirit.  The Torah is the foundation of all belief in Yahuwah/Yahushua.  It is a day of praise, thanksgiving, worship, intimacy, and fellowship with Him and other believers.  It is not a day to watch TV and fill your mind with Satan’s world.  It is a day to baruch others also, as He leads you.  I like to walk and pray on Shabbat.  On Shabbat, He often gives you His personal guidance for your week.  He said, "Take My yoke upon you and learn of Me, for My yoke is easy and My burden is light”. 

Shabbat is the sign of His Eternal Covenant with His people--a covenant that will go on into eternity future(See Isaiah 66:22-23)

Torah is the loving teaching of our Abba, Yahuwah.  From today’s Torah portion, in Deuteronomy 6:24-25: "And Yahuwah commanded us to do all these laws, to revere Yahuwah our Aloahiym, FOR OUR BENEFITS ALWAYS, to keep us alive…and it is righteousness for us when we guard to do all this command before Yahuwah our Aloahiym, as He has commanded us”. 

Jeremiah 17:21-27: "GUARD YOURSELVES AND BEAR NO BURDEN ON THE SHABBATand you shall set-apart the Shabbat as I commanded your fathers”. 

Psalm 55:22: "Cast your burden on Yahuwah and let Him sustain you; He never allows the righteous to be shaken…”  The righteous one guards the Torah. 

Psalm 119:165: "Great Shalom have those loving Your Torah, and for them there is no stumbling block”. 

We are not to bear burdens of any kind--not even for others.  We are not to be mentally or emotionally drained--anxious, without shalom, without rest in Him.  We are to rest in His arms on Shabbat, like a little child in Daddy’s arms.  We are to have no cares, no worry, no thinking that is not like child-like trust in a good Daddy.  We are to bear no burdens--physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.  We are to do as Peter says in I Peter 5:6-7: "Humble yourself, then, under the mighty hand of Elohim, so that He exalts you in due time, casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you”. We can’t bear the burden of self-righteousness or pride, or arrogance and haughtiness against another.  We can’t bear the burden of selfishness and selfish agenda.  Shabbat is a day for true repentance and tears.  His forgiveness will remove all burdens of sin from us!  

Keeping Shabbat as the sign of your Covenant with Yahuwah goes far deeper than the physical realm, though we must let our body rest on this day.  This is what I really want to impress upon you today: On Shabbat we bear no spiritual burdens, no emotional burdens, no mental burdens, no sin, no inner pain, no hurt, no bitterness, no unforgiveness, no grudge, no hidden memory that torments us, no gossip or slander against another, no hate, no fear, no vengeance, no anxiety, no worry, no fretting--but to "bring every thought into captivity to Messiah”and His love. He will take burdens away from us forever, if we’ll let Him!

Messiah Yahushua returns on a Shabbat and on the first day of month of Tishre, and the Feast of Trumpets.  He brings His rest with Him.  We will rest in His Kingdom on this earth for 1,000 years.  It will be the 7thmillennium of time on this earth since creation, thus we’ll have 1,000 years of Shabbat every day in essence.  On Shabbat we enter into rest from our sin nature, which has drained us of energy and self-respect.  Guarding Shabbat will protect us within His Covenant in the horrible days to come.  There is also a Shabbat of the Land, and animals, for His creation to rest totally.  Study these things out in the Torah.

Hebrews 4:9:  "For there remains a keeping of Shabbat for the people of Elohim”. 

The benefits of the day with Him are so many.  Aloahiym called Moses up onto the top of Mt. Sinai.  He was there for 6 days, and Aloahiym did not say a word, nor did anything at all.  On the 7th day, on Shabbat, Yahuwah came and talked to Moses and gave him the terms of the marriage Covenant called Torah. 

Often Yahushua will wake me up hours early on Shabbat just to talk to me, so that we get the most out of our day together.  Satan’s world makes sure that we have little time to spend hearing from Him.  On Shabbat, we must make a definite decision to shut the world out and only hear Him.  If you desire to be in His presence, then Shabbat is your day!   The burden giver is man. Our Aloahiym takes our burdens away, and carries them Himself.  Enter into His rest, and do not resist His loving set-apart time.  Baruch Shabbat Shalom!!


Re-written and revised:  January of 2004   

 这个安息日,感恩的心 , 感恩有你一路同行。 

我至亲的[雅吾瓦 ]家人,这好些天来,我心中 一直在为[雅吾瓦]群里的家人2018年的团体学习记挂着几件事; 可是我又不想给自己承担自己做不到的沉重的周期性(国际Zoom 聚会)的额外压力 。。。因为一旦启动了之后,就很难中途退出去。敬请大家一起代禱当如何定夺 然而,今年可以说是我个人感觉到最丰盛最心满意足 的一年,只因为认识了你们。谢谢你们,因为有了这个中文的[ 雅吾瓦]群才会逼着我必需在用中文作分享上面更上一层楼,必需在各方面加紧充实装备自己,这一年下来确实在压力底下成长了又再成长。哈利路【雅】。阿悯。

看到那么多有关[雅吾瓦 ]的中文文档陆续诞生了出来,心里也很高兴,因为没有需求就没有供应呀,哈哈哈。

但是这份生产的劳作却换回来了由你们创造并发放出来的这么多美丽的圣经图文啊, 还有至圣至纯至美的赞美敬拜聖父聖子聖名的禱告读经与歌唱的声音啊,那么多颗专注追求天父追求[弥赛雅]追求更亲近更体贴追求更加的让[雅吾瓦 ]的心满意的美丽 心灵;也就是你们。。。心里更是有说不尽的感恩感激,也就以说不尽的敬畏和谦卑来感恩赞美 [雅吾瓦 ]!



6:8  我又聽見主【雅吾瓦】的聲音說:



34:23  我必立一牧人照管他們,牧養他們,就是我的僕人大衛。他必牧養他們,作他們的牧人。

34:31  你們作我的羊,我草場上的羊,乃是以色列人我也是你們的至高全能者。這是主【雅吾瓦】說的。 (2017年12月29日)

It Is All About The Covenant With YAHUWAH ALOAHIYM Through YAHUSHUA The MESSIAH


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