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Description of the Man Child Financial Trust 【人子信託基金會】概述

The Man Child Financial Trust (MCFT) is a WY venued inter vivos irrevocable private trust dedicated to executing the commands of YAHUWAH in connection with providing financial assistance to various approved charitable organizations and missionary causes. Charitable organizations must be tax exempt under IRC Sec. 501 or 508. Missionary causes may or may not be tax exempt under US statutes‚ but require assistance none-the-less. Both the charitable organizations’ causes as well as the missionary causes are both domestic USA and international in scope.

The amount of financial assistance rendered to any organization is made pursuant to their needs‚ as well as other donors that may or may be available. Decisions as to the amount of the gift‚ if any‚ are ultimately made by the MCFT designated Trustee‚ in its sole discretion. The Trustee is directly responsible to YAHUWAH Aloahiym as the final authority; and ensures that all YAHUWAH’S commands are carried out in a trustworthy manner.

MCFT Funding 【人子信託基金會】資金

The MCFT does not solicit funding from donors‚ nor engage in any marketing and sales efforts to raise money‚ but rather is entirely dependent on what and how Aloahiym provides its financial resources pursuant to its operations。 

The MCFT is empowered to accept donations from various parties as and only if and where those parties are willing and able‚ and YAHUWAH Aloahiym permits‚ but does not make any overt effort to pursue its funding purposes by seeking donations from any such 3rd party donors.

The MCFT does not charge any fees to PGO Members‚ nor does the MCFT participate in any transaction fees that the PBF Participant may incur‚ depending upon the program. 

MCFT Staffing 【人子信託基金會】員工

Any persons interested in volunteering in activities and missionary causes in which the MCFT is involved‚ please contact the MCFT through the offices of PGO or through this website.

Luke 22:27 For which is the greater; he who reclines‚ or he who serves? Is it not he who reclines? But I am among you (Yahushua) as He who serves.

Man Child Financial Trust (MCFT) Goals and Targeted Funding 人子信託基金會的目標和其針對性的資金

The stated goals of the Man Child Financial Trust (MCFT) are to be used by YAHUWAH Aloahiym to bring forth the manifestation of the Father’s Light‚ specifically money and resources‚ to those areas of financial need where they are needed most‚ consistent with scriptural mandates.

The Father is not insensitive to man’s needs‚ but man must also comply with Aloahiym’s requisite demands in order to receive His favor [Matt 6:8‚ 33; James 4:3]. Receipt of all funds by the recipient must be viewed as a gift from YAHUWAH Aloahiym out of His Light [James 1:17]‚ and nothing else. YAHUWAH owns it all‚ and despite the appearances in the natural‚ the funds released by the MCFT are from Him. The MCFT only gives as it is instructed by Aloahiym.

No funding will be released to any causes or activities where the purposes of darkness would be served and/or advanced as determined by YAHUWAH Aloahiym. In addition‚ and in absolutely all cases‚ no money shall be given to any charitable cause or activity where such provision would violate US law‚ or where such funding could be used to finance an illegal activity under US law.

Types of Charitable Giving and/or Missionary Causes

The MCFT is only interested in giving where all recognition‚ acknowledgement‚ credit and reverence is given to YAHUWAH Aloahiym‚ and where pursuant to such giving‚ the recipient would be expected to follow the directives of YAHUWAH Aloahiym. Truth recognizes Truth‚ and Truth also recognizes the counterfeit.

Examples of Approved MCFT causes: serving the needs of children worldwide‚ including education; food banks‚ water‚ clothing‚ housing & shelter‚ and supply of other basic needs worldwide; certain medical‚ dental‚ and other health needs worldwide; and certain capital intensive programs and various missionary causes where the MCFT is led by the Ruach ha Qodesh to act; etc.

This would necessarily rule out certain social and/or religious causes where giving would be inconsistent with scriptural authority and/or where the activity‚ cause‚ or agenda is or would constitute‚ an abomination to YAHUWAH Aloahiym. YAHUWAH is not mocked; that which is sown . . . is that which is reaped [Gal 6:7–8].

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