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The High Calling Of Our Life 生命至高的呼召


This Is How The Followers Of YAHUWAH Walk Yah’s Path – The High Calling

If Aloahiym (Hebrew Title for the Creator Father‚ YAHUWAH‚ His Son the Messiah‚ and the Set Apart Spirit aka: the Ruach Ha Qodesh) has called you to be truly like Yahushua the MessiYah (the Messiah’s Hebrew Name) in all your spirit [John 2:5;1 4:17; Col 2:6; 3:1–2]‚ He will draw you into a life of a living sacrifice (full and unconditional surrender of the carnal nature) and humility. He will put on you such demands of obedience that you will not be allowed to follow other Christians ("Christian” is a religious label; more properly called "believers” or His disciples if they truly are in substance). In many ways‚ He seems to let other good people do things which He will not let you do.

Others who seem to be very religious (and/or carnal) and useful may push themselves‚ pull wires‚ and scheme to carry out their plans‚ but you cannot. If you attempt it‚ you will meet with such failure and rebuke from Aloahiym as to make you sorely penitent (encounter the conviction brought about by and through the Ruach Ha Qodesh) [1 Pet 3:17–18; 4:1–3; Matt 9:13; Luke 5:32; Heb 12:11; 2 Pet 3:9].

Others can brag about themselves‚ their work‚ their successes‚ their writings‚ but the Set Apart Spirit will not allow you to do any such thing. If you begin to do so‚ He will lead you into some deep mortification (conviction as to His set–apart Word and His instructions for your life) that will make you despise yourself and all your good works.

Others will be allowed to succeed in making great sums of money‚ or having a legacy left to them in having luxuries‚ but Aloahiym may supply you only on a day to day basis‚ because He wants you to have something far better than gold‚ a helpless dependence on Him and His unseen treasury [Heb 12:18-24].

Aloahiym may let others be honored and put forward while keeping you hidden in obscurity because He wants to produce some choice‚ fragrant fruit for His coming esteem and honor‚ shakan and kabod‚ which can only be produced in the secret place of the Most High Aloahiym [Psalm 91:1–2; John 15:7; Deut 30:19–20; Psalm 62:5–8; 119:11; John 4:17; 22:26; 2 John 1:2]

Aloahiym may let others be great‚ but keep you small. He will let others do a work for Him and get the credit‚ but he will make you work and toil without (you) knowing how much you are doing.

Then‚ to make your work still more precious‚ He will let others get the credit for the work which you have done; this to teach you the message of the "Cross” (Execution Stake)‚ humility and something of the value of being cloaked with His nature.

The Set Apart Spirit will put a strict watch on you‚ and with a jealous love rebuke you for careless words and feelings‚ or for wasting your time which other Christians (believers) never seem distressed over [Rom 8: 4–9; John 14:15; 21; 15:2; Rom 12:2; Eph 1:11–14‚ 17–19; 3:9–12; Phil 4:7; Gal 5:25].

So make up your mind that Aloahiym is an infinite Sovereign of sovereigns and has a right to do as He pleases with His own‚ and that He may not explain to you a thousand things which may puzzle your soulish nature and human powers of reason in His dealings with you.

Yahushua will take you at you word; if you absolutely sell yourself to be His slave‚ He will wrap you in a jealous love and let other people say and do many things that you cannot.

Settle it forever: you are not to argue‚ fight‚ or deal directly with the Set Apart Spirit such that your actions retard or prevent His work in‚ through‚ and to you. He is to have the privilege of tying your tongue and your hand and/or closing your eyes in ways in which others are not dealt with.

However‚ know this great secret of the Kingdom (Reign of YAHUWAH): When you are so completely possessed in your heart and in your soul with the perception‚ revelation‚ and understanding of Who and What the living Aloahiym in your life and in all creation; and pleased and delighted over this peculiar‚ personal‚ private‚ jealous guardianship and management of the Set Apart Spirit over your respective individual life‚ you will have found the vestibule of Shamayim‚ (Hebrew for what the Greek calls "Heaven”)‚ and the High Calling of Aloahiym [Rom 11:29; Rev 1:8; 12:11; 19:10; 21:21–27; 22:12–21].

. . . By The Followers of YAHUWAH



如果天父 至高全能者 【雅吾瓦】 呼召你的全靈[约2:5;1 4:17; 歌 2:6; 3:1–2]‚活得真正像我们的主彌賽雅Yahushua【 雅吾贖瓦】 一樣,祂就會引導你進入被釘在木頭上受難和謙卑的人生歷程中。祂會要求你絕對的順服祂,而不允許你遵照其他基督徒的作法來發展你的事業與事奉。許多時刻,祂似乎肯讓其他優秀的人士去做某些事情,卻不會讓你也做。

[ 彼前 3:17–18; 4:1–3; 马太 9:13; 路 5:32; 希 12:11; 彼后 3:9].



天父 【
雅吾瓦】 似乎讓其他人在現世就得著尊榮和顯耀,卻把你隱藏在隱晦的默默無奇的遮蓋中;原來祂正在為祂那即將君臨天下,極大光明無邊的榮耀,準備好了那只能在祂的蔭庇下才能生產出來的,特選的,奇香無比的果實,以散發出那與其榮耀相得益彰的芬芳![希 12:18-24]

天父 【
雅吾瓦】 似乎可以容讓其他人在人前顯出偉大,但卻讓你在人前被看為微小。別人為祂做的工作,他慷慨得讓他獲得極大的榮譽和明顯的獎勵,然而他卻讓您不見天日默默無聞的一直辛勤的勞作。然後,為了使您的工作在天上更加珍貴,他竟讓別人得著你所有工作的果實和獎賞。這教導了你在治死老我的刑具前,更加的謙卑,正好與祂本性中隱藏自己的信息相符合。

天父 【雅吾瓦 】分别为聖的靈是如此嚴格的對待你訓練你,並且以一種嫉妒如火的愛情來陶造你責備你管教你所有不小心的言談和心思感受,甚或關乎你如何浪費了寶貴的時間,但是對於其他的信徒,祂似乎從來都不在意他們鬆懈的人生。[诗 91:1–2; 约15:7; 申 30:19–20; 诗 62:5–8; 119:11; 约 4:17; 22:26;  2约 1:2]

所以,打从你的心底,你必須認定天父 【
雅吾瓦】 在你身上具有無限的主權,並有權利按照祂自己的喜悅在你的身上成就祂上好的旨意。並且祂可以不給你有關於你人生千百件事跡的任何解釋,這將造成在與祂的交往中,你理性上極大的困擾。

至高全能者 【雅吾瓦】 對於你向祂承諾的每一句話都非常認真。如果你絕對的降服自己成為祂的奴仆,他將以嫉妒如火的愛情來包裹你,讓其他人可以說和做的很多事情,單單你就不可以。就當下認了吧:聖靈 Ruach Ha Qodesh 如阿,哈-古迭士 即分別為聖的靈) 是有特權單單封鎖你的舌頭或捆綁你的手或遮蓋你的眼睛,對於其他人就從寬處理。我亲爱的弟兄姐妹,至此你必然已經認識到這其實是天國偉大的機密:當你被那永生又真又活的至高全能者完全热情的擁有時,你的內心深處會因著聖靈怎樣以高度熱烈的愛情來監護著你來管理看顧著你而充滿了奇異的純粹私隱的無比的喜悅。 。 。唯有天父 【雅吾瓦】 的聖靈Ruach Ha Qodesh 如阿,哈-古迭士 即分別為聖的靈)如此這般将你分別為聖的人才能應驗了我们的主彌賽雅主Yahushua【雅吾贖瓦】(即雅吾瓦】 救赎)的祈禱:

"(約翰14,15,16,17);20 我不但為這些人祈求,也為那些因他們的話信我的人祈求, 21使他們都合而為一。正如你父在我裡面, 我在你裡面, 使他們也在我們裡面, 。 。。 。使他們合而為一, 像我們合而為一。 23 我在他們裡面, 你在我裡面, 使他們完完全全的合而為一, 叫世人知道你差了我來, 也知道你愛他們如同愛我一樣。 。 24 父阿, 我在那裡, 願你所賜給我的人也同我在那裡, 叫他們看見你所賜給我的榮耀;.。 。 26 我已將你的名YHWH【雅吾瓦】 YaHuWaH指示他們, 還要指示他們, 使你所愛我的愛在他們裡面, 我也在他們裡面。

 箴言30:4  誰昇天又降下來?誰聚風在掌握中?誰包水在衣服裡?誰立定地的四極?他名叫什麼?他兒子名叫什麼?你知道嗎? (圣子名上古希伯拉发音:YahuWshua【雅吾贖瓦】即圣父 雅吾瓦】 救赎 !

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