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Aleph Tau in Ancient Hebrew Purpose Modern-Hebrew from Right to Left

PGO is a portal used of th father to call and equip believers to declare and decree his righteous reign and rule (Light) on the earth through his messiah. (PGO) is a creation of the Ministry of Aloahiym. (See MISSION for Ministry Description using the link below).

Ministry of Aloahiym Website:

PGO is organized in Wyoming‚ USA as a “For Profit” Corporation that is dedicated to serving the one and only YAHUWAH Aloahiym by operating as an interface between His Righteous Reign (Light) and the governments (kingdoms) of this world. The interface serves as a mechanism to conduct the affairs of life while living in this world. We are in this world‚ but not of it [John 17: 14-16].

PGO has NO affiliation with any churches‚ synagogues‚ temples‚ etc.

Hebraic Names: PGO adheres to the use of the Hebraic Names for the Father‚ Son‚ and Set-Apart Spirit:
  • Aloahiym . . . the Modern-Hebrew from Right to Left term for the Father‚ Son‚ and qodosh Set-Apart Spirit
  • YAHUWAH . . . the Hebrew Name of our Creator Father
  • Yahushua . . . the Hebrew Name of the resurrected Messiah/Redeemer/Savior
  • Ruach ha Qodesh . . . the Hebrew Name for the divine Breath of Aloahiym‚ or Set-Apart Spirit

PGO complies with the scriptural mandates as identified in the First and Renewed Covenants‚ and otherwise follows the instructions released by the Father and Resurrected Son to PGO Principals.

How does this happen? The principals follow Scripture‚ hear His Voice [John 10:14‚ 27] and execute His commands as they are instructed [John 14:15]‚ being led by the Ruach ha Qodesh [John 14: 16-17; 16:13; Rom 8:14]‚ into His divine Truth (His Light).

Following the dictates of Aloahiym is NOT just a mechanical formula that sounds and feels good to the soul; rather‚ it is a real life experience that changes one’s life forever. The stories and spiritual directives of the Biblical scriptures are not of a bygone era; they are as valid today as when they were recorded. YAHUWAH does NOT change [Mal 3:6]‚ the Messiah Yahushua does NOT change [Heb 13:8]‚ the Messiah and the Father are one [John 10:30]‚ and His Word (the ‘Scriptures’) does NOT change [Matt 24:35; Mark 13:31; Luke 21:33].

Acceptance of the Messiah for one’s salvation is the first step [Luke 13:3‚ 5; John 3:16; others;] and following this first step are many more steps. For the honest and sincere true believer‚ YAHUWAH Aloahiym is everything without exception. YAHUWAH Aloahiym comes first in every thought entertained and every action undertaken [John 15:1-7]. Where man does not abide in the Messiah‚ then he or she Description of PGO Ministry 7-15-16 Page 2 (respectively) abides in darkness‚ and therefore sin. One either comes out of darkness (sin) or they remain in it; the choice is theirs.

The Scriptures are very clear concerning sin: the wages of sin is death [Ezek 18:4; Rom 6:23; 1 Cor 6: 9-10; others]. Where people lead other people into sin‚ the punishment is far worse. However‚ it is not the Father’s desire that any soul should perish‚ but perish they will if they do not submit to the Almighty Sovereign authority of YAHUWAH Aloahiym. This also includes many in the Christian and Messianic communities that refuse to submit as well‚ to the instructions of the Messiah despite the emotional luggage (delusion) that they cling to [Matt 7: 20-23; Luke 19:27; others].

The Word of Aloahiym is strait forward‚ simple‚ and concise. When one seeks the Father diligently with all of their respective heart‚ the simplicity of His Word becomes clear with understanding [Psalm 119:130; Jer 29: 11-14; Heb 11:6].

YAHUWAH Aloahiym is Light [1 John 1:5]‚ and His instructions come out of His Light [Isa 8:20]. Righteousness is a part of His infinite Light. He or she that rejects YAHUWAH’S Righteousness ON HIS TERMS‚ rejects His Light‚ and therefore YAHUWAH. Hence‚ they sign their own respective death sentence.

However‚ when one comes into His Light (Righteousness)‚ then he or she sees His Light [Psalm 36:9]‚ and life in this world is never‚ ever the same.

If one is NOT seeing His Light‚ then the proverbial question is addressed: Why not? Every single living soul must address this question‚ and this is the crux of the Ministry.

The Ministerial purpose of PGO is multi-fold:
  • To bring as many people as are willing to the tangible & conscience realization of Who the Father and Son are in them; Who the Father and Son are in all of Creation; and who each person (that belongs the Father and Son) is respectively in and of the Father and the Son;
  • To broadcast and otherwise make known that the kingdoms of this world have become (have submitted to) the Reign of YAHUWAH Aloahiym and His Messiah
  • To bring as many people as are willing into and be a part of the Man Child‚ a corporate gathering of believers that are to be caught up unto the Throne of YAHUWAH Aloahiym; an event that is certain and absolute‚ and not just theoretical or imaginary. Any and all believers are welcome to become members of this select group‚ but not all believers are willing to pay the price of total surrender of their souls as a condition for candidacy as determined by YAHUWAH/Yahushua. (See Book on the Man Child of Rev 12:5‚

The venture involvement of the Ministry is single-fold:

To bring as many people as are willing to the inevitable conclusion that:

James 1:17 Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above and comes down from the Father of lights‚ with whom is no variableness nor shadow of turning.

Healing in all forms including mental‚ emotional‚ physical‚ and spiritual)‚ prosperity in all forms (spiritual and material)‚ and otherwise forward movement into YAHUWAH’S Light: all these are Perfect Gifts from above.

Since money and financial concerns has become an obsession with most people throughout the world‚ even becoming idolatrous in many instances‚ the Ministry of PGO seeks to reveal the darkness behind the misery of bondage (including oppressive‚ punishing debt)‚ but also including bondage tied to the appearance of material gain where there is no recognition that it is YAHUWAH that makes it possible‚ and that it is Aloahiym that is in control [Psalm 75:6-7]. This darkness is revealed only through the Light of Truth of YAHUWAH [Eph 5:13]. Absent this revelation‚ then darkness continues to prevail.

Thus‚ the Ministry of PGO has been instructed by Aloahiym to bring forth this message‚ and to engage in the spread of His Word pursuant to its involvement in the creation‚ development‚ and operations of the world’s first truly unique and innovative ministry to be made available to each and every person that is a PGO Member that is willing to submit to YAHUWAH’S Sovereign authority. In and through this effort‚ YAHUWAH honors His Word and demonstrates the validity of His Covenant Promises.

PGO Income

The sole source of income to PGO is income derived from fees to payable annually by PGO Members. PGO supports its operations out this income exclusively.

Gifts‚ Donations‚ Offerings‚ and Tithes

PGO has NOT and will NOT file for tax exempt status under the Internal Revenue Code pursuant to US law. PGO does NOT solicit gifts‚ donations‚ offerings‚ and/or tithes. Where such payments are offered freely without any coercion or manipulation by any particular source as a benefactor‚ then such payment received will not be turned away . . . if‚ when‚ and as . . . approved by Aloahiym. However‚ such payments of money and other property made to PGO are not tax deductible.

It Is All About The Covenant With YAHUWAH ALOAHIYM Through YAHUSHUA The MESSIAH


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