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Open Vision: Visit to the Execution Stake, 4- 2014Messiah is Crying                                              Download PDF for easy reading: Open Vision and Personal Revelation By Eyd  

Excerpt from Section 2 Part 3 of the Book of the Man Child, this website.
The time was about 2:00 a.m. and I was lying in bed with my wife. Suddenly, I found myself at the foot of the execution stake staring up at the face of Yahushua. The surroundings, the sky and the atmosphere were dark and gloomy, although there was sufficient light to make out the details of the scene before me. Several people were standing nearby and weeping bitterly, although I could not recognize their identity; which was rather amusing, since I did not know how to recognize them anyway. The women were all wearing a head covering of various types, much like you would see in any film depicting that era or in the news media of today in certain regions of the world. There were also men present but indistinguishable (as to who they were) in appearance. In the background were the hills and mountains surrounding Jerusalem, and the despair and state of darkness of the world’s condition was very apparent and tangible.
I was standing close (only a few feet) to Yahushua Who was impelled on the stake when I looked up into His face. At first, His head was turned away from me and I saw Him looking out over the people below Him. Then He turned His head towards me directly, looked down and simply stared at me, not speaking. His face and body had plainly been butchered; with a great deal of His beard having been literally torn (ripped) out of His face. His body while still having a distinguishable form appeared more like a bloody mass of meat that had been savagely pulverized, and ripped open in certain areas. No scene in any movie or any description in a book has ever captured the evidence of the absolute barbaric cruelty, torture, and bloodshed of the Messiah that I was witnessing first hand.
As He stared at me and His eyes fixed on my own, I could see the whites of His eyes and His pupils against the backdrop and release of blood covering His face; the crown of thorns placed on His head (that had been savagely battered and was also covered in blood). This wasn’t just an execution; the Messiah’s condition before dying had been the result of a blood-thirsty psychotic mob comprised of both Roman soldiers and civilians alike that had thoroughly enjoyed and were delighted in the sight of a man’s torturous abuse and subsequent death following thereafter. The reality that He was (is) the Messiah gave these insidious individuals even more pleasure.
This mob, now fragmented, was mixed with other people who were truly recognizing the severity and solemn meaning of that moment in the history of man. The ones who understood this, stood silent and were in tears with a look of astonishment on their faces; their bewildered looks clearly communicating the surprise, shock, and curiosity of what Aloahiym was about to do next to the whole of mankind; and silently praying that they would somehow be exempt from His judgment. Although they had personally heard the message of Yahushua as and when
He declared it, these people knew that the consequences for man’s actions (as a whole) towards the one and only Messiah that they had been expecting and waiting for were about to be realized [See Matt 23: 33-38; Heb 2:2-5; 6:5; 10:29; 12:25]. The mob members that were frolicking around in the aftermath of His torture and slaughter had no clue of this, continuing in their folly with a complete and total disconnection from even common civility, let alone righteousness and any sense of Aloahiym’s divine reality. These people were in and had become a part of the darkness of evil, the product of their own respective decisions and free will; yet Yahushua had forgiven them [Luke 23:34].
As He was hanging on the execution stake and gazing down into my eyes, there was the absolute conveyance of undefiled and certain unmitigated understanding of the voluntary sacrifice of His life that He was making right then and there in real terms in front of my eyes. The sacrifice of His own life was for my sake and benefit, as well as that of all mankind. This was the express purpose that He had come to the earth; to die as a sacrifice for all of man’s sins dating back to Adam and the Garden [Gen 3:15; 1 John 3:8]He became sin, the curse itself [Gal 3:13] so that man, subject to his individual willingness, would no longer be separated from the One, true, YAHUWAH Aloahiym that had given man his respective existence in the first place. Yahushua was (is) the express image and likeness of YAHUWAH [Col 1:15; Hebs 1:3; other] having stepped out and coming forth from YAHUWAH [John 16:28; 13:3] for the purpose at hand [John 3:16-17; 1 John 3:8; others], and Who had now completed His assignment [John 19:30]. The stage was now set for man to play his part in the drama of life as YAHUWAH has purposed it. Man was to accept the sacrifice of Yahushua, or he (she) would not. The choice was given to man to make this decision, and by this decision, man either lived or he died; however, it was his or hers alone to make.
This wasn’t just history in the making as it would appear in the natural; this was the distinction between the divine hai of YAHUWAH Aloahiym in direct contrast to all that is NOT of YAHUWAH pointedly demonstrating the fulfillment of John 3:18-20Given man’s predisposition (through his carnal nature) to attempt to take control of Aloahiym’s creation, and to exercise authority and dominion over all the earth without the righteousness, love, compassion, and divine counsel with prudent understanding and other attributes of the Father in each and every facet of (man’s) life, the scene was a vivid and candid portrayal of what YAHUWAH had foretold for centuries through the Scriptures of the evil in man’s soul where man runs from the Light instead of into it. The eye-witness of the acceptance of this evil by those of the mob that were present and had been a part of the execution would turn any mortal being with the promise of salvation into a rotten sack of hopelessness and despair. Therein, I remembered the open vision described in Part 1, Page 11, entitled: "Second Open Vision, Summer, 2007”, and the torment and stark terror on the faces of the people revealed to me who had made the wrong
choices and decisions in their life . . . when they had had the opportunity; never expecting the consequences of those decisions to catch up with them.
As He gazed down at me is silence, there was the clear and concise message from Yahushua ha Massiach:
What direction am I leading you in, My son, and what is the price? What price are you willing to pay? Will you pay the price that must be paid? I have suffered and am about to die for you, out of My great love for you, releasing you forever from the bondage of sin and the hold of the enemy on your soul. Will you not perceive and recognize it, and come with Me to My Father Who is also your Father? I (He) await you and all whom are willing to make the same sacrifice of their lives!
[Matt 10:38-39; 11:27; John 17:26; Heb 3:14; Rev 12:11; 14:1-5, 12; 22: 4, 12-14]
This was a deeply personal, in-your-face vision, and did not last long, but will remain with me forever. I have tried to encapsulate the essence of this experience in a short, succinct manner; but words simply do not come close. I encourage all persons to examine their hearts, thoughts, motives, and true desires. Are they truly of our Messiah . . . in substance? Or are these elements a thin veil for emotional satisfaction, soulish delusion, and stubborn embrace for more of the flesh? The Messiah’s comments at the end of His ordeal bring forth the reality of His death at the hands of those He came to save [Heb 12:2-4, 16-17; 9:28; Prov 1:24-31; Rev 14:4-5].



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